It has been more than 20 years since the Friends series ended and left our TV screens… And yet, we are still millions and millions of fans to perpetuate the memory of the series and to enjoy its countless reruns. Friends has indeed impacted an entire generation and gave way to a huge feeling of nostalgia all around the world.

But good news! If you are a Friends fan and you are planning to go to New York City soon, you will probably live a real dream thanks to the Friends Experience! Here, you will have the opportunity to enter the universe of the series like never before and above all, you will be able to immortalize your visit through the most emblematic sets of the series!

All the information to prepare and book your visit to the Friends Experience in New York City can be found in the article below 🙂

Friends Experience, a real success story

Welcome in Monica’s apartment!

The story began in 2019 when a temporary exhibition was organized in NYC to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the creation of the series. The attraction offered to recreate some famous sets from Friends and also exhibited a lot of cult objects from the different episodes. From the moment it opened, the attraction was a huge success, selling out several weeks (or even months!) in advance.

Such a success could only augur good things! After the mandatory closures linked to the Covid crisis, fans of the series were quick to return to seek some comfort in the so comfortable and familiar universe of Friends. In 2021, the temporary exhibition finally became “The Friends Experience”, the very first permanent attraction dedicated to the Friends series🙂

Today, the phenomenon has continued to grow as other cities now host a Friends Experience. This is the case of Seattle and Philadelphia in the United States or Brussels in Europe. The one in New York City, the very first, remains of course the most mythical, because it is strongly linked to the history of the series. By the way, don’t wait to book because the most accessible tickets are sold out very quickly!

See available tickets for the Friends Experience in NYC

Friends Experience: a magical incursion into the universe of the series

Now you’re probably wondering what you’ll see when you visit the Friends Experience. As the name suggests, the attraction is much more than just an exhibit. Here, you really go deep into the Friends experience! The universe of the show is perfectly recreated with the reconstitution of several unmissable sets as the apartments of Monica/Rachel and Joey/Chandler or the Central Perk.

But even better, instead of just wandering between the sets, it is quite possible to enter   and put yourself in the scene. And that’s probably where all the magic of the Friends Experience resides! Evolving within the sets of the series necessarily gives us great emotions… Let’s take pictures in the Central Perk sofa or in the famous Chandler armchair 🙂

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In addition to the sets, there are also a large number of cult objects such as Phoebe’s taxi, Joey’s Hugsy plush, the white dog, costumes and disguises used during the series or the magnificent Gladys and Glynis paintings created by Phoebe! Of course, this is just a small preview…because the whole world of Friends is at the Friends Experience…

The visit ends (of course!) with a gift shop that brings many products derived from the series.

Prices, reservation, tickets, schedules… All the practical information about the Friends Experience

The Friends Experience can only be booked online here. Depending on the period of your visit, the availability will be more or less quickly booked. Overall, you should know that the most accessible entries (price less than $50) leave VERY quickly, several weeks in advance. The reservation calendar allows for example to reserve places up to 2 months in advance, which is the perfect timing to be sure to have places available, not too expensive and for the desired day!

Go to the booking calendar

  • Types of tickets for the Friends Experience

There are different types of tickets for the Friends Experience and therefore different pricing for each type of entry:


Standard Tickets: Includes admission to the Friends Experience and a digital download of the Central Perk commemorative photo. Starting at $39.50 + tax.

Premium Tickets: Includes admission to the Friends Experience, 1 exclusive merchandise item, 1 free coat or bag check token and one free digital download of the Central Perk commemorative photo. Starting at $54.50 + tax.

Flexible Entry Ticket (subject to availability): Includes full access to the experience at any time on your selected date. Starting at $47.50 + tax.

Guided Group Tour: Includes entry to the Friends Experience first thing in the morning, before it opens to the general public. Available for groups of 6, 8 or 10 people. Groups will be allowed entry into the experience five minutes apart to allow for your group to have a personalized experience through the space. Starting at $420 + tax.

⚠️ Good to know: Depending on the times or days chosen, entry prices may vary. For example, the price of standard tickets varies according to the slots: from $39.50 to $49.50 (+ taxes). The same goes for premium tickets: they range from $54.50 to $64.50 (+ taxes) depending on the time slot. It’s up to you to find the most interesting days and times of visit!

Once on the booking page , simply select your desired date and time of visit. Do not hesitate to make several simulations to find the cheapest tickets! 

  • Is it possible to visit the Friends Experience with a pass?

No, the Friends Experience is not currently offered in the activity catalogs of the different passes. 

  • Opening hours and days

Between November and March: The Friends Experience is open from Thursday to Sunday. Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Between April and October: The Friends Experience is open from Wednesday to Sunday. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Visiting hours are from 10am to 7pm with entries every quarter of an hour.

  • Where is the Friends Experience in New York City?

The exact address is: 130 East 23rd Street, New York (Flatiron / Gramercy neighborhoods). Nearby, you can see / visit: the Flatiron building (and the very nice shops that surround it: Harry Potter Store, Lego Store, the Italian delicatessen Eataly …), the Madison Square Park and its famous Shake Shack kiosk or even the 5th Avenue which passes not so far!

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And there you go! You now know everything you need to plan your visit to the Friends Experience! If like me, you are a big fan of the series, then you will certainly be amazed! What a pleasure to immerse yourself completely in the universe of Friends! Enough to bring back fantastic memories of this trip to NYC!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments 🙂

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