Where to see the Friends apartment building in NYC?

Between New York City and TV series, it’s a huge love story! How many of us fell in love with NYC thanks to an iconic scene shot in Central Park or on the Fifth Avenue? On my side, I fell in love with New York a long time before to go there. These films and TV shows really influenced me and made me want to go to NYC… What could be more logical after dozens of hours spent watching Sex and the City or Gossip Girl!

In this article, we are going to talk about the most famous TV show of the world : Friends! The unforgettable sitcom that accompanied all of us during the 90’s. Want to see friends’ iconic places in NYC like the apartment building of Monica, Rachel, Joey and Chandler? Then, follow the guide!

Friends: From the studio to New York City

As everybody knows, the show is supposed to take place in New York. But it was actually shot in studio in front of public in Los Angeles. It is therefore not necessary to look for the famous Central Perk in the streets of New York City: the cafe only existed in the Warner Bros Studio !

Central Perk’s studio setting

The same goes for the fountain, which appears in the credits, at the beginning of each episode : the scene was shot again in the studios. The images of the city are therefore added in post-production in order to anchor the story and characters in the New York environment. Season after season, we discovered a beautiful, typical New York City building that was supposed to be the place where Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Joey lived. This building does exist and I will explain below how to find it in New York City 🙂

Friends building location in New York City

The place has become a real pilgrimage site for nostalgic fans. More than ten years have passed since the end of the serie. But it’s really impressive to see the number of people who still gather in front of this mythical building!

So, what is the address of the Friends apartment building in New York City? It’s time to discover it!

Friend’s building in NYC

You will find it at the corner of Grove Street and Bedford Street, in West Village (Manhattan), a few blocks away from the Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment! It’s very easy to recognize it because the facade has absolutely not changed since the end of the serie. For the anecdote, a very nice Italian restaurant is hidden behind the red front on the ground floor. It offers a very accessible menu for the lunch or the brunch (more expensive for dinner).

Good tip in West village: Eating at Little Owl, the restaurant located in the Friends building 🙂

Friends building location on the map

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