It is an emblematic monument of New York City that we will explore today! With more than 4 million visitors per year, the Statue of Liberty is a must-see for all those who visit the Big Apple. Located in Liberty island, at the south of Manhattan, the statue is accessible by boat, leaving from Castle Clinton (in Battery Park).

But what could be more spectacular than visiting Liberty Island? Going inside the statue and going up to the crown! If most of the tourists are satisfied with a walk on the island, you should know that it is also possible to enter it. So today, I’m going to explain you everything about this extraordinary experience.

Where to find tickets? How to book? Tips for visit… You’ll know everything about this unique activity 🙂

Statue of Liberty Crown : tickets, price, access

Is going inside the statue worth it? Without any suspense, I say a big YES! I’ve been waiting to go to the top of the statue for a long time and this experience will truly be one of the most memorable of all my trips to New York! And while all visits to the statue leave great memories, don’t miss the opportunity to go to the top if you have the chance.

Today, there are 3 types of tickets for the Statue of Liberty:

  • “General Admission Ticket”: which allows access to Liberty Island and to walk around the statue (24$).
  • “Pedestal Reserve Ticket”: which allows access to Liberty Island, to walk around the statue and also to access the pedestal of the statue ($24.30).
  • “Crown Reserve Ticket”: which allows access to Liberty Island, to walk around the statue and also to access the pedestal and the crown ($24.30).

But what is particularly attractive is that the pedestal + crown ticket costs almost the same price as the General Admission ticket. For only a few cents more, you can have the chance to go to the top of the statue and admire the whole New York City skyline from this unusual and breathtaking viewpoint. With such an affordable price, why miss the opportunity?

⚠️ Good to know: All these tickets also include the Ellis Island site and Museum. The boat transfer between Manhattan / Liberty Island and Ellis Island completes the package.

⚠️ Good to know #2: Tickets included in passes (New York City Pass, Explorer Pass, New York Pass, Sightseeing Pass… ) do not allow access to the crown and the pedestal. The ticket included in these passes is always the “General Admission Ticket” which allows access to Liberty Island and Ellis Island.

Statue of liberty crown visit : where to book ?

All tickets to the Statue of Liberty are sold on the official website (formerly statue cruises).


Since access to the crown is extremely limited (due to the limited space inside the statue), it is essential to book tickets well in advance. Very few tickets are put on sale, so they are sold out very quickly! Here are the general reservation deadlines to be respected:

During the low season (between November and March), one month delay may be sufficient. But 2 or 3 months in advance is even more recommended to be sure to have all the dates available!

During the high season (between April and October), it is necessary to book the entrance tickets at least 3 months in advance.

To give you an idea, at the time of writing this article (March 20), the first available tickets to go up to the crown are available on July 25. If your visit is scheduled for the critical July/August period, you can start looking at reservations about 5-6 months before the deadline. You will then be asked to select a specific day and time to visit.

Some visit tips to know before booking for the crown

➜ It is necessary to provide the exact names of visitors at the time of online reservation. Once the reservation is made, names cannot be changed or a ticket transferred to another person.

➜ The reservation time is the time you pass through the security check, just before boarding the ferry.

➜ Children under 1.20m (4 feet) are not allowed to go up into the crown.

➜ Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Only 4 tickets can be reserved per booking. A buyer can only make a reservation once every 6 months.

Statue cruises

➜ The ticket buyer must be present during the visit and be able to present the credit card used to purchase the tickets.

➜ All visitors listed on the reservation must present an ID for the visit.

➜ Going up to the crown requires a good physical condition: access is via a tight staircase (in spiral) made of 162 steps. From spring, the temperature can be high into the statue, which is directly exposed to the sun’s rays on sunny days. I personally advise people suffering from claustrophobia not to go to the top of the statue.

➜ Lockers are provided on Liberty Island for the storage of backpacks, which are not allowed inside the statue.

Statue of liberty crown visit: how it goes?

Once the online reservation is made, a confirmation is sent by email. Please note that this booking confirmation is not an electronic ticket. On the day of your visit, you must go to the ticket office located at Castle Clinton (in Battery Park). At the entrance of Castle Clinton, a notice board indicates the kiosks corresponding to the online reservations. Be careful not to get in the wrong line, it is very crowded and I saw many people having to queue twice because they were not at the right desk.

You just have to show the booking confirmation received by e-mail and the ID of all the visitors. You can then access the ferry and go through the security checks. Once on Liberty Island, it is necessary to go to the locker because backpacks are not allowed inside the statue. Passed all these steps, we can finally access to the statue!

Pedestal view
  • First step: the pedestal

The crown ticket first gives access to the pedestal. We do not necessarily know it, but the pedestal is already a very beautiful observatory that allows to enjoy the skyline and unique views of Lady Liberty. It is easily accessible by elevator. From here, you can start to take beautiful pictures and enjoy the view of New York City.

  • Second step: the crown

The second part of the ascent is done by stairs: 162 steps to climb in the small space of the statue. In this early afternoon of May, the weather is gorgeous and it is not cold inside the statue! While climbing the stairs, one can observe all the details of the statue that cannot be seen from the outside: the structure, the assembly and also the contours of the body and the face.

We are very lucky because there are no other visitors with us when we arrive at the crown. There are just the two rangers who watch the platform. I keep an incredible memory of this moment, looking at New York City from the Statue of Liberty crown.

The rangers kindly ask us if we want to be photographed, which we accept. And there are also many other beautiful pictures to be taken! Incredible shots of the torch or the book of the statue, and of course the amazing skyline view. In short, it was a fantastic moment that will remain in our memories for a very long time.

Stairs to go up to the crown
Inside the statue
Skyline view from the crown

That’s it! The Statue of Liberty’s crown now has no secrets for you. If you still have questions about how to plan your visit to the crown, feel free to ask them in the comments 🙂

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